AVR Internet communications device

AVR Internet communications device
If you looking for Microcontroller project that controlled via internet protocol, well this project could be your reference to build it. Internet0 is a electronic project by Neil Gershenfield, Raffi Krikorian and Dany Cohen. The concept is a new network of physical objectsthat are IP enabled. Any items we use in everyday life would have the ability to communicate in IP, and thus send data over the internet in a standardized manner, without considerable electronics or cost.

This microcontroller project using AVR ATmega8 programmed ini C. For display they use LCD HD44780.

The main elements of the project are:

to send a UDP internet0 protocol. Implementation:
o A circuit board with a Tiny15
o Assembly code to send the protocol
o Lines for power and signal
o An LED to troubleshooting and to indicate transmission

Translate the clicks to bits

PC Communication:
A program in Python that receives information from the serial port and transmit this into the internet

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