Continuous Microchips Glucose Monitoring Shows Promise

Popular Science is reporting on the work of MicroCHIPS, a Bedford, Massachusetts firm that's designing under-skin implantable devices to measure chemicals and deliver drugs. The exciting news is that the firm will be performing clinical trials next year on its glucose detecting microchip, a device that has apparently shown positive results when studied on animals.

From the company technology page:

MicroCHIPS' technology is based on proprietary reservoir arrays that are used to store and protect chemical sensors or potent drugs within the body for long periods of time. These arrays are designed for compatibility with preprogrammed microprocessors, wireless telemetry, or sensor feedback loops to provide active control. Individual device reservoirs can be opened on demand or on a predetermined schedule to precisely control drug release or sensor activation.

Our reservoir-based platform can also be used in passive control systems without microprocessors or power sources. MicroCHIPS' passive systems are designed to release or expose their contents based on the controlled degradation of polymeric matrices over time. These systems form the basis for miniature insertable devices that provide maximum flexibility for device placement.