PIC Project : Alarm Security System

PIC Project : Alarm Security SystemThis Alarm Sytem is based on two PIC12C508 (one is used in transmitter and the other one in the main unit). The following PICs are supported: 12c508, 12c509, 12c508a, 12c509a, 12ce518, 12ce519, 12f508, 12f509, 16f84 and 16f84a. Transmitter uses infra red beam to send code name to main unit. The commands are:

* Arm/Disarm
* Silent Arm/Disarm
* Weak battery in transmitter

It implements the folowing features:

* IR remote keyless system
* 72 bits transmission length (64bits password, 4bit CRC, and 4bits for commands)
* Arm/Disarm
* Immobilizer
* Two stage sensors, door and shock sensor trigger inputs
* Locking/unlocking of doors
* Normal/Silent modes
* Inside zone intrusion memory
* Transmitter low battery indication

This system is a perfect solution for unidirectional remote keyless entry systems and access control systems. Such system may be implemented in:

* Automotive alarm systems
* Automotive immobilizers
* Gate and garage door openers
* Burglar alarm systems

Download :
Here you can find transmitter assembler code (updated on March 11, 2008) and a password.inc file. Don't forget to change processor type in MPLAB or you will get errors. I've added PIC16F84 family processors for debug. And also you can find main unit assembler code.

Schematic :
Download Transmitter schematic, main unit schematic, IR Receiver schematic, IR Receiver Schematic Diagram (TBA2800 Based)