Multisim Analog Devices Edition 10.0 Free Download

I have found a good and free circuit simulator,Multisim Analog Devices Edition 10.0. As you may know that Multisim is a famous electronics circuit simulation software. It's based on Electronics Workbench from the same company. I have found the free version (not the cracked version) of Multisim by chance and you may not find it on the National Instruments website. It comes with a lot of measurement tools and it's very easy to use. I use it to simulate various analog circuits. The image below shows the screen shot of the simulation of DC-Boost Converter (12V to 150V step up).

Multisim Analog Devices Edition 10.0

Not only analog circuit, but it also simulates digital circuit as one may call it 'Mixed-Mode Simulator'.
Some features and limitations:

  • Build simulated component evaluation circuits to quickly assess behavior of over 800 Analog Devices operational amplifiers, switches and voltage references
  • Examine the unit under test in the intended circuit topology with up to 25 components
  • Use built-in instruments and analyses including oscilloscopes and worst-case analysis
  • Swap components easily to pinpoint best design options
  • Link to the Analog Devices Design Center for more online evaluation tools
  • Instantly access product pages and datasheets of each Analog Devices component
  • Upgrade to a full edition of NI Multisim to complete designs and transfer to board layout with NI Ultiboard