Small LED dot matrix development board

I was very busy for the past two months so this blog just didn't move. As you may know, the LED dot matrix display is my favorite device. I have designed a small development board for testing my led dot matrix related programs.
The schematic is as the following:

LED dot matrix development board Schematic

The PCB is single sided so I can make it at home. Most of the components are SMD to keep small footprint of the board. The PCB size: 58.4mm x 46mm

LED dot matrix development board PCB

Acutally, I made a PCB and installed all components but the board didn't work :p. It was working when I tested the schematic on breadboard (with through hole version of PIC16F887). I think the SMD PIC16F887 may be broken or the PCB is bad but I just don't have time to figure out the problem. I will try new PCB and PIC16F887.