Electronic Project : Servo Tester 2

Electronic Project : Servo TesterIf you want to check your Servo, i think this electronic project is suitable for you. The project use microcontroller AVR AT mega 16 as main processor. The Servo Tester 2 is hardware and software that, basically, makes a pulse width signal between 1 and 2 ms. This is the signal used to control common R/C servos. This one has some advanced features, not usually found on servo testers. This project created by ejberg

Feature list:

  • Generates two separate signals for driving two servos.
  • Sweep mode for stress testing servos.
  • Input for reading a servo signal (from a receiver).
  • Receiver signal quality analysis.
  • Very high resolution at both input and outputs. 0.1┬Ás (which equals 10,000 steps between 1 and 2 ms).
  • Voltage and current readout. How much current does your servos actually consume? How much does your receiver pack drop under load?
  • Simple user control. Access all features with just a single rotary knob with integrated push button.
  • 2 x 16 character LCD.
  • Optical tachometer.
  • RS-232 connection. Write your own program (PC or whatever), that can control every feature of the tester.

Download :

Make sure you have read the license conditions, and that you agree with them, before downloading any files.


Schematic page 1


Schematic page 2


Schematic page 3


Board (Eagle format)



Program file. Version 1.00


Source in AVR assembler. Version 1.00



User manual


One-page menu overview